PROTEUS Professional


Proteus Professional is an excellent software for the design of electrical circuitry. If you are studying electrical or electronic engineering, proteus software can certainly be a very good software for you. This software is one of the best programs to design advanced electrical circuitry and you can drag your circuitry before you close in action, inside the software and by its simulator, test your circuit and if it has a problem, fix it. Proteus software is designed based on models of electrical components in PSpice. With this software, you can model microcontrollers, microprocessors, DSP, etc.

Proteus software has a comprehensive library of electronic components that you can use in circuitry. An important feature of proteus program is the existence of real measurement devices such as oscilloscope, signal generator, voltmeter, amp meter, etc., the possibility of debugging programs and running them line by line in micro controller, modeling different devices, saving time as well as cost, pcb design location, etc. So if you like to test your circuitry well before you act and find their flaws. 


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  1. The patch doesn't do anything. Application says wrong license

  2. says "file hash mismatch please check your program version" when I try to install the patch