Autodesk EAGLE Premium

Autodesk EAGLE Premium

Software for Designing electronic circuits

Autodesk EAGLE Premium is a software for designing electronic circuits that its user environment is very simple and user friendly and all professional and amateur engineers with this powerful program can easily design their own printed and electronic circuits. The program has a very small volume, but its performance and speed are very high, unlike its volume. The program can design and slop your desired boards in less than an hour, and in this respect there is no other software similar to Autodesk Eagle. Using this software, engineers and inventors can simply design their own electronic boards and then view it from the 3D view and solve the defects of their board design.

Despite the different layers in the design section, users can quickly and real-time move between their schematic design and board layers, increasing the speed of making boards virtually dramatically. Users can access a variety of different electronic boards in the library section of this software, and in each update of this software, a large number of different boards are added to the library of this software.


Features of Autodesk EAGLE Premium:

– Preparation of 3D models of PRINTED circuits in less than a few minutes

– Complete coordination of the program with Fusion 360 software to design and transfer the boards to this software

– Has a library of prefabricated and designed boards

– Build new boards and circuits with just one click

– 3D models and the possibility to view them from different angles


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