Free WiFi Hotspot

Free WiFi Hotspot

Internet sharing software

Free WiFi Hotspot  is the name of a new, functional and powerful tool that helps you share your wireless internet with friends and other people around you. This app is a secure, free and simple solution that comes with a specific purpose and can help you share the Internet in an emergency. This app offers you a simple and practical solution with which you can share the internet connection available on your laptop via a wireless network card.

The use of this software is useful when you want to share your wireless network connection with multiple users. How to work with this program is very simple and easy, so even beginner users can simply use the features of this program and cover their needs.

Key features of Free WiFi Hotspot software:

– Ability to create Hotspot Wi-Fi to share the Internet with other users

– The ability to tap the Internet for use on mobile devices, game consoles and ...

– Ability to share 2G/3G/4G internet and ...

– Ability to use a mobile internet connection for use in all domains to save money

– No need for separate network hardware to share internet connections with other users

– Having a simple and user-friendly graphical environment


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