PrimeOS Android Emulator

 PrimeOS Android Emulator

PrimeOS for X860.4.5 is the latest version of the Android operating system (desktop) installed on pc and laptop that you likes this operating system can now use as your main PC platform. As you know, with the growth and increasing application of portable devices and smartphones among users, the two Android and iOS operating systems were able to gain great popularity among users. Now the share of these two platforms in the Internet world is much greater than it could have imagined a few years ago. This growth has been such that many people use their mobile or tablet operating system as the main operating system for their daily routines. In case you consider Android to have a relative evolution to replace Windows, maybe it's time to install the desktop version of this operating system on your computer or laptop!

Features of PrimeOS for X86 software:

– Having a set of attractive and professional features for the Android experience on the desktop

– Supports the ability to manage multiple windows

– Having different shorts for the keyboard

– Having a professional taskbar bar similar to Windows

– Ability to run a variety of games of the day and graphics

– Excellent design, beautiful and attractive in desktop environment


PrimeOS for X86 Classic Installer

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