Genymotion Android Emulator WIN/MAC

Genymotion Android Emulator


Genymotion  Win/Mac is the name of a complete Android os emulator software in Windows. Genymotion is the new generation of Android os simulation tools in Windows in the form of OpenSource and based on the AndroVM project, this professional emulator has so far been tested and verified by over 2 million  different developers, this software is a simple and very convenient way to simulate Android on pc that offers many peripheral features. Now you can run and test Android apps in the PC environment before transferring to your devices, if you are an Android developer Genymotion can play an important role in testing and troubleshooting your applications professionally.

If you plan to test an app on a set of devices on the market, you are only a few clicks away from it, as the software can virtually test and troubleshoot the apps you want on all devices. The software has a lovely interface, fully integrated with Eclipse and Android Studio environments. You can set the windows maker to suit your needs and also simply use copy/paste action among Windows and Android. Other features of thisAndroid emulatorinclude the possibility of exchanging files with Drag&Drop. 

Genymotion software features:

– Complete and accurate simulation of Android operating system in Windows

– Full support for the possibility of running applications in the form of virtual devices

– Having the latest official version and rooted version

– Ability to test and troubleshoot developed applications

– Complete integration with Android development environments such as Eclipse and Android Studio

– Support copy/paste among Windows and Android

– Supports file exchange with drag&drop action




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