Bliss OS Android For PC

 Bliss OS Android For PC

Bliss OS(x86) 11.10 is  a new, attractive and open source project to experience the latest version of the Android operating system on PC. As you know, over the past few years, a number of emulator tools have been released to provide the possibility of experiencing the Android operating system on the computer and almost all of them, along with a complete and detailed introduction, have been put at your service. Just download the series to the Android emulatorset on yas website to run your favorite emulator on the computer with a quick and easy search. Currently, dozens of different emulators are available in order to experience the popular Android operating system in Windows, each of which is optimized for a specific purpose and purpose. 

For example, some emulators are made exclusively for heavy graphics games and others are built solely to test applications for developers in the Android Studio environment. The big disadvantage that almost all of these emulators have is that you provide a part of the system hardware in a simulated environment so that this environment can bring you a virtual experience of Android in the form of a Windows environment. In fact, it can be said that none of these emulators fully enable a real android experience on computer hardware. Shortly after this, two remix OS and Phoenix OS were released, which received a fairly good reception from users. These two operating systems provided the possibility of installing and running Android directly on personal computers and laptops, which, due to the lack of fast and continuous updates, went away from the audience's attention.

Features of Bliss OS:

– Completely free and open source

– Built-in Android OS with very nice and attractive changes

– Ability to install on PCs and laptops

– Creative and beautiful focus on the graphical interface

– Optimal battery consumption in portable computers

– Very high security

– Ability to run a variety of Google Play Store applications

– Can be installed on MBR/GPT partitions



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