Wise Data Recovery Pro

Wise Data Recovery Pro


Wise Data Recovery Pro  is a powerful software in the field of Windows lost data recovery. With this program you can restore documents, images, videos, and many of your lost files. If your sensitive files have been deleted because of formatting, don't worry because you can easily restore them with this program.

Many think that by simply deleting the other file it has been completely deleted while a complete footprint still remains on the hard drive, which can be easily recovered. The program restores the knockout data safely and quickly by scanning the hard drive completely. The interface of the program is very simple and makes it easy to use. So that each usage has the ability to check one by one the system partitions and restore their files. The possibility of retrieving files from external storage devices such as USB flash is another feature of this program. The program can also recover multimedia files such as MP3 files. 

Wise Data Recovery Software Features:

– Easy interface

– Fast and secure recovery of files

– Ability to recover from portable devices such as USB flash

– Ability to scan the partitions completely

– Free and compact


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