PlanSwift Pro Metric

 PlanSwift Pro Metric 

PlanSwift Pro Metric  is the name of a new, comprehensive and functional software product that helps designers, architects and other people involved in the field of design and construction to be able to spend paper and pen on their projects instead of spending long hours. To estimate more simply. The user interface of this software is designed to be as simple as possible so that people can easily call all kinds of attachments, notes and in it and have quick access to them in handling their affairs.

In this program environment, the user can open several different documents or files in the form of separate tabs so that there is no need for all of them in the form of different windows to clutter your work environment. For beginners, the user can easily start drawing a new architectural plan, or call a pre-designed plan in the program and continue working on it. The program supports the output of various types of specialized software in this field, including formats, images, PDF documents, Autocad / Dodge maps. In addition, it is possible for the user to edit the maps according to their needs and change them according to their needs. 

Features of PlanSwift Pro Metric software:

- Ability to estimate and measure construction costs

- Ability to estimate costs

- Compatibility with various graphic formats, PDF maps or Autocad / Dodge output

- Ability to scale images and maps

- Ability to attach a variety of writings and notes to projects

- Having a beautiful and user-friendly graphical interface.



PlanSwift Pro Metric + Patch.


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