WidsMob HDR

 WidsMob HDR

WidsMob HDR is the name of a new, functional and powerful software product for creating and editing HDR images (HDR), with which you can easily create images with beautiful and impressive effects and enjoy displaying and sharing them. If you are a photography enthusiast or activist, you are probably familiar with the term HDR; A feature that is present in most small and large cameras today, and even in phones and tablets. HDD stands for High Dynamic Range, which means a wide dynamic range, and activating it while shooting will increase the dynamic range of the images. In photography, the term refers to the ratio of light to darkness. If you have an image and you want to apply this effect on it, we have a powerful and professional tool for you.

Like the real function of HDR in the world of photography, this software can provide you with a spectacular and attractive result with an advanced technology. All you have to do is call all three photos of your subject in this program and this program will show you amazing results by combining them. With this program, you can create attractive and beautiful HDR images and make your images look their best using advanced and professional algorithms.




Features of WidsMob HDR software:

- Equipped with advanced technology to create and combine images to create attractive and spectacular HDRs

Eliminate spirit-like effects (due to the movement of objects)

- Ability to adjust HDR image making parameters

- Compatibility with JPEG / RAW formats

- Having dozens of professional and eye-catching effects and filters

- Having a beautiful and user-friendly graphical interface




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