Aiseesoft Video Editor PRO

 Aiseesoft Video Editor

 Aiseesoft Video Editor 1.0.18 is a new and useful software for editing videos and making custom changes to a variety of video formats that completely meet your needs in this area. With this program you can call video files and rotate or cut them. In addition, you can easily convert audio and video formats to each other with this software and use it to share on different devices.

This software gives you the ability to call and edit video files in MP4, MOV, MKV, AVI, MTS, M2TS, MP3, AAC, WAV and فر formats. In addition, you can easily prepare different types of video formats and apply your desired effects and filters on them. Due to its simplicity, this program enables you to easily and quickly apply your desired changes to your video files and output them in the format of your choice. 


Features of Aiseesoft Video Editor:

- Ability to edit audio and video files in a variety of formats MP4, MOV, MKV, AVI, MTS, M2TS, MP3, AAC, WAV and…

- Ability to apply a variety of effects and visual filters on videos

- Ability to convert audio and video formats to each other

- Ability to rotate films and cut or merge them together

- Having a simple and user-friendly graphical interface


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