Luminar AI

 Luminar AI

 Luminar AI   is  a well-known and powerful software product in the field of professional and intelligent image editing, which provides extensive possibilities in this field for you active in this field. If you're a fan of photography, design and graphics, you probably have a special sensitivity to your work. For example, capturing a creative and artistic image of a particular scene is part of the job; But editing and creating eye-catching effects from this perspective by graphic software is an important part of this work. Earlier, another software called Luminar Introduction and cracked version was provided to you dear ones; This time, a new software product offered by the same company intends to equip your works in an amazing way by equipping the engine of this software with artificial intelligence. With this version of the software, working with images will be surprisingly simple and faster. With this program, you can apply realistic and very natural effects on the frame of the photos; It is completely fast and automatic; Because this program is able to detect the best possible output based on artificial intelligence technology and apply it to your images.




Features of Luminar AI software:

- Ability to add effects related to cloudy, foggy, rainy and… using artificial intelligence technology

- The possibility of changing the conditions of the sky in nature images by observing its real details

- Extensive facilities in the field of working with colors in order to produce unique and attractive graphic works

- Equipped with artificial intelligence technology to automatically and quickly apply the desired effects

- Ability to work on faces, remove wrinkles and retouch photos automatically and realistically

- Having a beautiful, professional and user-friendly graphic environment.




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