AVG PC Tuneup + License

 AVG PC Tuneup

 AVG PC Tuneup is an efficient tool for repairing files that slow down the operating system, it also applies settings that help optimize the system. By scanning the computer in less than a minute and repairing and identifying them, this program identifies the slow factors of the system and tries to eliminate them.
AVG PC Tuneup software continuously monitors your system at intervals and optimizes system performance. Sometimes there are worthless software and programs in the computer that we are unaware of and such programs cause the occupation of hard disk space, this program by identifying and removing these items will increase your hard disk space and your system Make it safe from malicious programs. 


Characteristics of software AVG PC Tuneup:

- Increase the speed of the computer system

- System optimization at different time intervals

- Increase battery life

- Increase hard disk space by removing worthless programs

- Increase the efficiency of the operating system and its positive performance

- Easy system optimization in a short time




AVG PC Tuneup + License


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  1. Please how do you run the create folder subscriptions file. I am not the subscription folder among the AVG folders