Connectify Hotspot

 Connectify Hotspot


Connectify Hotspot  is  a software for the Windows operating system that gives you the ability to share the Internet on a laptop using WiFi technology. Imagine you have a regular ADSL modem and a personal computer and a number of cell phones and tablets. Because your ADSL modem does not have wireless networking technology, you can only connect your computer to the Internet using an Ethernet connection. But if you want to share the Internet with your other devices without having to buy a WiFi modem, what is the solution? Is this possible? The answer to this question is yes with the help of the powerful Connectify Hotspot software!

If you are in a situation where your laptop can only connect to the Internet via a Lan cable, the Connectify Hotspot app can turn your laptop into a Wi-Fi modem and actually create an hotspot to connect the Internet to your phone. Share your tablets. So you can easily turn your laptop internet into WiFi and connect to the internet with your other devices via WiFi connection.

Key features of Connectify Hotspot software:

- Ability to easily connect all types of your devices to the Internet

- No need to buy a WiFi modem and directly convert the laptop to a WiFi modem

- Ability to share a variety of Internet connection methods

- Ability to increase the range of WiFi

- Ability to quickly convert a laptop to a wireless modem with a few simple clicks

- Internet sharing with portable devices wirelessly




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