Folder Guard

 Folder Guard


 Folder Guard 20.9.0 is the name of a new software in the field of security tools for accessing files, folders and other resources of the Windows operating system. With Folder Guard software, you can encrypt your files and folders to restrict other people's access to your personal files. One common way to protect files and folders in Windows is to hide them. But encrypting files and folders is a safer way to protect your personal data. You can also completely hide your information so that it is not accessible with the help of any other software.

With the help of Folder Guard, you can block the access, modification or deletion of your files by other users, this program can also protect your memory card or flash memory disks, and also, if desired, prevent access to settings Close the Control Panel as well.


 Key features of Folder Guard software:

- Ability to encrypt and protect files and folders

- Ability to hide folders or hide their content

- Hiding files and desired content in a variety of software such as: Windows Explorer, Office, MS-DOS

- Prevent other users from accessing Windows settings such as the control panel

- Ability to access USB, CD-ROM and other drives



Folder Guard x64 + Patch 

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