InputMapper  is  a new, free and practical tool for personalizing button function in game categories. If you are a computer gamer, you probably know very well that the gaming experience sometimes feels different with a special handle. For example, playing FIFA or PC on a computer is difficult for many players, and of course, the experience of these games with the PlayStation PS4 or XBO XBOX is much more common than the computer keyboard.

It has often happened to people that when they start a computer game such as football, car racing, etc., they realize that the function of some buttons is not in accordance with their taste or habit. For example, in a football game, we all expect the function of the buttons to be exactly what we are used to on game consoles. In such cases, using a tool such as an input pump can be very effective. With this program, you can change the function of the keys in the game categories according to your taste and enjoy your favorite game experience to the fullest.

Features of InputMapper software:

- Having a simple and user-friendly graphical interface
- Quick and easy installation
- Compatibility with a variety of game categories, Xbox and PlayStation categories



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