GiliSoft USB Lock 10.0

GiliSoft USB Lock 8.6.0

 GiliSoft USB Lock 8.6.0 is a new and professional software to protect your portable disks. Today, due to the increasing use of hardware such as flash memory, memory card, external hard drive and… the possibility of transmitting the virus to computer systems has increased significantly and has caused many concerns. In this article, we have prepared a new software for you,   which gives you the ability to completely lock the system's USB ports so that no user can extract data from your computer. ! By installing this software, the USB ports of the system are locked and users will not be able to connect any device such as flash memory, external hard drive and… to your computer.

Another feature of this software in order to prevent system data, is to disable the burn feature by CD / DVD burners, so if a user wants to transfer your data using CD / DVD discs, this software It prevents this from happening and only allows you to read through these drives. This software completely ensures the security of your data in your computer system, you can even block the use of web browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, Opera and… or even the Internet URLs you want so that no more There is no way to transfer information. 

 Key features of GiliSoft USB Lock software:

- Ability to block reading and writing from USB disks such as external hard drives, flash memory and…
- Block burnability on CD / DVDs and define read-only feature
- Lock internet URLs to block access to cloud spaces
- Eliminate the possibility of using Internet browsers and other applications
- Play the alarm sound if you enter the wrong password 5 times
- Prevent the theft of personal information and data.



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