Clip Studio Paint EX

 Clip Studio Paint EX

Clip Studio Paint EX  is a well-known and powerful software in the field of manga or comic book design that has many fans around the world. Over the past few decades, comics have been published in the form of hand-painted drawings in magazines or books, and their design has taken a lot of time. Despite the fact that several decades have passed since the appearance of the first comic books in specialty stores, this product is still very popular among the general public. In this article, we are at your service by introducing one of the well-known and powerful software in the field of designing comics or comics, which allows you to design comics in a short time.

If you think you have enough creativity to create comics, we suggest you create the characters of your favorite story right now and start designing it by focusing on its fascinating story. Artists and enthusiasts of illustration and comics can design and implement their favorite comics with a set of very useful and practical tools of this software.

Features of Clip Studio Paint EX software:

- Ability to use a collection of fonts for comics
- Having a diverse set of types of backgrounds
- Special panel for comic designs
- Having perspective lines
- Support for 3D models
- Ability to draw comics such as hand drawings
- Ability to provide output in a wide range of formats
- Having a brush, pen or pencil for drawing
- Having a diverse set of templates
- Ability to make multi-page comics


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