Adobe InCopy CC

Adobe InCopy CC

 Adobe InCopy is a professional word processor made by Adobe Systems. It integrates with Adobe InDesign. While InDesign is used to publish printed material, including newspapers and magazines, InCopy is used for general word processing. The software enables editors to write, edit, and design documents.

 Adobe InCopy is designed for editing, writing, and professional design. If you are interested in making e-books for mobile, use this software.
In addition, there are other notable features that can be used to use multimedia fronts in e-book hubs, support Photoshop 3D output, create complex tables, create pages of different sizes in one file, and so on.

Key features of Adobe InCopy CC software:

- Flexible screen
- Supports 3D output of different versions of Photoshop
- Ability to share designs
- Extensive features of text formatting and editing
- Ability to format XML for use on web pages
- Ability to design books, magazines, brochures, etc.
- Existence of special design effects in the software
- New user interface



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