HTTP Downloader

 HTTP Downloader 

HTTP Downloader  is  a new, free and functional tool designed to download files from the Internet and allows you to download files of any size or volume from the Internet in a simple and fast way. Given that the tool above has the ability to schedule downloading files, it can be considered as a reliable and functional download manager. This software gives you the ability to download your files from the Internet as quickly as possible and enjoy the features you need to manage downloads.

This software supports the ability to download hundreds of files simultaneously and since it is developed portable, you will not need to install it to use it. Once downloaded, you can run the above software directly on any computer and take full advantage of the experience of working with its facilities. This program is actually a very powerful and functional download manager with which you can enter the list of files to download and the famous features of download managers such as start, stop, continue, increase download speed, manage and schedule download files and And you will benefit from it.

Key Features of HTTP Downloader:

– Possibility to download individual or group files

– Ability to download files simultaneously

– Possibility of downloading files

– Ability to manage the download list including adding, stopping and continuing to download files

– Having a beautiful and user-friendly graphic environment.


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