Adobe After Effects CC 2020 Complete Course

Adobe After Effects CC 2020 Complete Course
 Novice to Expert

After Effects CC 2019 Complete Course from Novice to Expert is a comprehensive course of After Effects software from basic to advanced from the Udemy site. This course is one of the best motion graphics tutorials and special effects in Adobe After Effects software. In this course you will learn how to build a motion graphics project, special effects, 3D animation techniques, cracking and more.

Course title: After Effects CC Complete Course from Novice to Expert
Instructor: Louay Zambarakji
Publisher: Udemy
Training time: 1 hour and 2 minutes
Level: introductory to advanced (suitable for everyone)
Video format: mp4 @ 720p
Audio format: AAC, 48kHz, 2ch
English language
English subtitle:YES
Practice file: YES
Software required for this course: Adobe After Effects


The course covers the following topics:
  • Overview of the course
  • Learn 3D animation techniques
  • Learn Camera Tracking to Quit Video
  • Introduction to animation pristas
  • Powerful and step-by-step system to start creating animations and adding visual effects
  • Learn visual effects, motion graphics and composites

Here some of the techniques you will Learn:

The latest Responsive Design Techniques (CC 2020)
Create your First Motion Graphics Video
How to Design and Animate a full AE Project
Spatial and Temporal Interpolation and Motion Path Animation
Reveal Techniques using Track Mattes and Masks
Important Techniques to Help You Create even better animation
Essential 3D Animation Techniques
Advanced 3D with Cameras, Lights and Shadows
3D Camera Orbit Null
Complex, Compound and Bezier Shapes
Per Character Text Animation and how to use text presets
How to use the Puppet Tools in CC 2018 and CC 2019/20
How to Use Expressions
Animation Presets – Using, Editing, Creating and Saving Presets
How to Composite with Masks and Effects
Motion Graphics Time Games
Videos Time Games
Motion Tracking
Camera Tracking
Green Screen Chromakeying
Importing and Animating Vector Graphics from Adobe Illustrator
Best Exports for YouTube, Vimeo and Facebook
Motion Graphics Visual Effects
Color Correction & Color Grading
How to use the all New Scripts to Animate Mask points
Using the Essential Graphics Templates

 Who this course is for:

-Beginners in After Effects who want to start Learning Compositing, Visual Effects, and Motion Graphics
-Intermediate After Effects Users who want to polish their skills and learn more techniques to create better videos
-YouTube Publisher who is looking to add Motion Graphics, Titles, Lower Thirds and VFX to their Videos
-Video Editors looking to implement Visual Effects and Motion Graphics in their videos
-Motion graphics artists and graphic designers


No Prior Knowledge of After Effects, Visual Effects or Motion Graphics Required
A working copy of After Effects CC 2020 or CC 2019
All project files are available in After Effects CC 2020, CC 2019 and CC 2018
Backward compatibility up to After Effects CC 2013 for all projects



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