Photo Mechanic WIN/MAC

Camera Bits Photo Mechanic

Camera Bits Photo Mechanic  a new, beautiful and powerful software for managing and organizing images that can do it best to meet users' needs and expectations. As you know, managing images is a complicated and complicated process for photographers. Professionals deal with hundreds of different images throughout the day and are well aware that they will be added daily. Maintaining and searching for images in a regular set is a process that is normally difficult to manage and sometimes impossible.

When a photographer leaves the camera, most of the problems can be resolved. Moving photos to a computer, arranging the collection of images and placing them in separate folders, assigning appropriate names and labels for quick access to each, and so on are the most important expectations photographers have of an image management software. The current software enables you to transfer your images to the computer from the camera's memory, and finally display the process, adding captions and labels, searching for images, making digital albums and more. 

  Photo Mechanic Software Features:
- Ability to quickly display images with features such as rating, organizing photos, and more.
- Suitable for professional photographers to arrange photo collections
- Ability to quickly display images with the ability to preview them in thumbnail view
- Easy and fast transfer of images from digital camera to computer
- Simple and beautiful graphical interface





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