DS4Windows v2.2.1

Using Playstation 4 Controller for PC Games

DS4Windows  is a free utility for people who want to turn their PlayStation 4 into a PC game. As you know, the PS4 game, released under the name of DualShock 4 along with this revolutionary console, has great features that none of the other game categories and controllers on the market have, to the extent possible. They don't have it. This has led many computer users to consider using these categories to experience their computer games.

The graphical interface of this software is as simple and beautiful as possible so that gamers can connect their PlayStation 4 with the system, quickly navigating to Configuration and its settings. You can prepare several different profiles for each category and enjoy the game experience with your own preferences by selecting the desired profile (s) before running the game.

 DS4Windows Software Features:
- Simple and beautiful graphical interface
- Ability to quickly and easily communicate with the system wirelessly
- Ability to apply different settings for each category
- Ability to automatically select profiles per game



DS4Windows x86/x64

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