Folder Lock

Encryption and locking software for files and folders


Folder Lock  is an efficient software for quickly and easily locking folders and files that can protect your files and folders as quickly as possible by defining a password. Other features include hiding, defining multiple passwords, and protecting files, images, and electronic documents. This program can easily change the properties of files and prevent them from being renamed or deleted unintentionally.

The portable capabilities of this program allow you to easily protect your files in flash, notebooks and hard drives. Other features of the Folder Lock program are protecting files and folders from hacker attacks and preventing them from being shredded. With the program option added to Windows Explorer, you can easily adjust the settings in the tool. The graphical interface of the application is very nice and functional which allows quick access to different settings.

Folder Lock Software Features:
- Easy and fast locking and hiding of files and folders
- Ability to define multiple passwords to access files and settings
- Prevent hackers and malware from penetrating protected files
- Portability and protection of USB flash files
- Added program option to Windows Explorer


Folder Lock + Keygen

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  1. what program can open the software after downloading.
    adobe keep giving message of not being to open.

  2. the software downloaded but adobe could not open.

    1. use winrar to extract it and run the setup to install.


  3. what is the master password to uninsatll this software