DaVinci Resolve Studio 2019 v16

DaVinci Resolve Studio 16

DaVinci Resolve Studio  a powerful film editing and color correction studio that is widely used in the filmmaking and Hollywood industries. Always one of the strengths of today's world cinema films is their special effects and professional editing, which has made their films extremely well received. But what is the secret of the high power and quality of the Hollywood film industry? The reality is that filmmakers use the right tools and equipment for their editing and editing, which results in a quality, modern quality of work .

Hollywood's most powerful tool for film editing and color correction. The unique feature of this tool is its high speed, which is 10 times higher than even the previous versions. A combination of professional and powerful tools for editing movies and creating cinematic highlights, professional color correction and so on are the most notable features in this software. All in all, with this program you can apply professional editing to your videos and combine video files and color correction to use 3 different software at once.

 Features of DaVinci Resolve Studio software:

- 120fps frame rate support
- Ability to supply Ultra HD 4K outputs
- Face recognition capability
- Ability to lower the temperature of images
- Has multiple filters
- Ability to correct colors in video files
- Supports SD, HD, Full HD, 2K, 4K formats
 -An impressive application which combines the 8K editing , visual effects, color correction as well as audio post production for creating some staggering videos.
-Allows you to move between editing, color, effects and audio easily with just a single mouse click.
-Got a new cut page that has been designed for the editors that require to work instantly.
-Equipped with a new DaVinci Neural Engine which uses the machine learning to enable some powerful new features like facial recognition and speed wrap etc.
-The Adjustment clips allows you to apply the effects as well as grades to clips on the timeline.
-Got Cut Page feature which allows you to edit, import, trim, titles and automatically match the color of your videos.



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    1. copy the contents in the crack folder to the software installation folder.

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    1. please turn off your antivirus before you copy the crack files.

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    The link is dead - could you please re-upload?
    Or if possible - upload v16.2.1

    Thanks in advance!

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  7. asking for activation code even after turning of antivirus and copying files into the installation folder. I don't know if I am doing this right. Do copy crack file into the folder before I start the whole installation

    1. please after installation,copy the crack files into the software installation folder before you run it.