Smart PC Professional

Smart PC Professional

Want to get your computer back to that fresh out of the box feeling? Over time leftover files, invalid shortcuts, registry errors and other junk items buildup on your PC taking up valuable disk space. Smart PC Professional is the ultimate solution for PC cleaning!

Smart PC Professional finds and removes registry items, optimizes your computer, protects your private information and keeps your computer running smoothly!

In addition to cleaning and optimizing your PC, Smart PC Professional can help you recover missing files, clean up duplicates, uninstall programs and shred confidential documents.

Smart PC Professional features:
- Ability to optimize computer speed and system efficiency
- Ability to remove additional information, unused silkscreen and eliminate security risks
- Ability to free hard disk space
- Have a simple and user-friendly graphical interface
 -Clean up duplicate files, photos and videos
-Shred files to make them unrecoverable
-Cleanly uninstall programs and browser extensions
-Recover missing or damaged files, photos, and music
-Find and remove privacy risks including cookies, search histories and more.
-Improve you computer startup times by removing programs from your startup menu


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