Adobe Animate CC 2019,2020 WIN/MAC

         Adobe Animate CC 2019

 Adobe Animate is a multimedia authoring and computer animation program developed by Adobe Systems. Animate is used to design vector graphics and animation for television programs, online video, websites, web applications, rich internet applications, and video games.


Features of Adobe Animate CC 2019

  • An imposing application which will allow you to unravel your imagination and create some astonishing 2D as well as 3D animations to use in your web projects. 
  •  Considered as an industry standard for the multimedia authoring that has been developed to deliver a consistent and interactive environment for creating rich Flash content. 
  • Got a very wide variety of drawing and graphic editing tools which will let you express their creative vision in a very interactive manner.
  • The Effects category have introduced many filters as well as blending capabilities that can improve the creative process by letting you embellish buttons, text and video clips.
  • Got Deco tool which offers extensive assistance in creating animated effects for flowers, trees and clouds etc.
  • Provides you 3D transformation feature that can animate 2D objects in 3D space through various translation as well as rotation utilities.
  • Equipped with an Advanced Text Engine that includes very impressive Text Layout Framework users can easily format the text.

Adobe Animate CC 2019 v19.0.326 Changelog:

Asset sculpting for vector and raster content
Create new poses faster for vector or raster content using handles on a shape to change the mesh. No need to redraw assets on every frame — just tween between poses and create animations.

Layer parenting and layer effects
Organize your assets on different layers in a parent-child hierarchy. When an object on the parent layer is moved, the child layer moves along with it.

Auto Lip-Sync
Don’t waste time matching mouth poses to sound inflections. The new auto lip-syncing feature will use machine learning to make it happen automatically.

Animate After Effects workflow
Use the new simplified workflow to carry your Animate compositions into After Effects. Just drag and drop an FLA file into the new After Effects and proceed to add cool effects.

VR authoring and publishing (beta)
Use an existing 2D skill set and export 360 or Panoramic VR animations. Stitch your existing 360 or panoramic images and create a virtual walkthrough, or let your imagination run wild and create a 360 animated experience using the drawing tools.


 Installing Edition 2019 Tutorial - First Method:

1) First make sure your connection is disconnected from the Internet. Extract your download file. Now, run CCMaker software as Run as Administrator.
2) Click Install in the CCMaker environment. Then select the driver.xml file in the product folder. To enable Farsi (if supported by your software), please select the en-AE language when installing.
3) Be sure to check the Install AMTEmu check box to troubleshoot your software activation.
4) Run the software. Go to Edit -> Preferences -> General and select Disable Home Screen. You can also do this by using the CC 2019 home screen fix.exe file.
5) Block all software executable files in your firewall. Close the software. Connect your Internet connection and run it again.
Tutorial Install Version 2019 - Second Method:
1) First, make sure your access to the Internet is completely disconnected. Then run the Set-up.exe file.
2) Block all software executable files in your firewall so that they do not have access to the Internet.
3) The software is pre-cracked. Follow up the software and completely disconnect the software from the Internet so that the crack does not turn off.
Important note! This version is not supported on Windows 10 version v1507, v1544 and v1607. Please use the newer version of Windows 10.
Tutorial on installing previous versions:
1) First, make sure your antivirus is completely disabled so that the activation file is not deleted. Then go to Extract software.
2) Click on the executable file adobe.msi in the Install folder to start the installation of the software (after clicking on adobe.msi the software will be installed automatically) After you have finished installing, be sure to disconnect your internet connection. Until the activation process does not crash.
3) Enter the ACTIVATORS folder and activate the software with one of the activators. Our proposed actuator is AMT.Emulator.v0.9. Run the activator as Run as Administrator. Select the software you want from the drop-down list and click Install.
4) You will be warned that the file could not be found. So you have to manually select it. For this, go to the software installation location and select the amtlib.dll file and click Open to enable the software.
5) Once the activation is complete, run the software and enjoy it.
The first point!

 Make sure the shortcut is not created on your desktop and you must run it from the software installation location. To do this, go to C: / Program Files / Adobe / Adobe Photoshop CC 2017 and run the Photoshop.exe executable file. You can also right-click on this executable file and select Send To -> Desktop Shortcut to create this software on your desktop.
The second point!  
Having a prerequisite for Visual C ++ 2017 is required .


2020 version

2019 version



2018 version


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  3. I have successfully installed animate cc 2020 I followed all your steps except the last one after preferences-general I can't find disable home screen. Can I still connect to the internet