TunesKit Audio Capture

                              TunesKit Audio Capture 


TunesKit Audio Capture is a software program that can help you download audio files from streaming music services. As you know, these days, services such as Spotify,Pandora,Tidal and so forth are of particular popularity among the fans of the music world. With these services, the user can listen to their favorite music online and access to a huge collection of music albums. The software  provides you with the possibility to download audio files from online music services.

This software should be considered as a powerful tool for downloading audio files that are broadcast from the Internet, because this software is not limited to any particular service or application in this field. For example, the software enables you to download downloaded music directly from Google Chrome, Media Player,Spotify,Tidal and more and enjoy the experience of listening to them offline.

TunesKit Audio Capture features:

- Ability to record a variety of sounds in the Windows environment
- Compatibility with a variety of online music streaming services
- Ability to download music from online streaming services
- Compatible with a Player, Quickstream, iTunes, Windows Media Player and more.
- Ability to download and convert audio formats to each other
- Ability to cut, mix or separate parts of songs
- Ability to edit the audio file tag
- Ability to adjust the quality of the output file according to the user's needs.


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