Kotlin Android Development Masterclass – With Android Oreo-Udemy Course

                              Kotlin Android Development Masterclass

It's been a while since Kotlin introduced the programming language as the new Android programming tool. Since then, there has been an important question in the minds of many Android developers, why is Kotlin? When you are busy with a particular job or job for a long time, you will gradually feel the need for change in your own way. This change changes your senses and, if not done at the right time, reduces the motivations of work in the individual. Of course, with the replacement of Kotlin with Java for Android programming, our focus is on technology and strategy that Google has chosen for developers!
The Kotlin programming language was first introduced in February 2016. Now, on the second anniversary of the launch of this language, we are seeing a wider range of developers from this programming language. After the release of official Google and Android support news from Kotlin's programming language, many developers are looking for an opportunity to learn this language. Kotlin, like other programming languages, needs to be trained and skilled, and needs to be trained from an appropriate reference point, and then prepare himself for entering the Android programming business. The new curriculum in this article from the lightdl download site for you dear users is a great reference for learning Android programming in Kotlin, one of the best practices for learning this skill.


Android Programming Tutorials in Kotlin:
- Suitable for developers and novices in the Android world
- A quick introduction to Kotlin's programming language
- A deep acquaintance with the main concepts in Kotlin for developing programming ideas
- No need for advanced skills for Android programming
- Familiar with IntelliJ IDEA and Android Studio environments
- Deep learning of concepts such as variables, blocks, circles, etc.
- Having dozens of different examples during the training process.


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Duration: 32 Hours
Language: English



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