Adobe.Flash.Player.v28.0.0.161 - Windows

Adobe Flash Player is a client runtime that delivers high-quality content to your computer and works with virtually all browsers out there.

Flash Player is still a key element of the Internet and has now evolved to conquer every operating system, every browser, and every portable device, including mobile phones and tablets.

There's no interface, but users still get some tiny windows through which they can customize a set of options, including hardware acceleration for better performance and privacy preferences.

With the installed Adobe Flash Player, you will be able to access the streaming content of the highest quality and smoothly play HD videos right inside your browser window.

The version of Internet Explorer and other ActiveX-based browsers. 

Special versions for other browsers, such as Firefox and other NPAPI-based browsers. 

 A version for Chrome browsers, Chromium and Opera, and other PPAPI-based browsers.