Windows Vista x64.x86.SP2 Final

The Vista operating system is a new generation and completely different from Microsoft's operating systems. After years of waiting and spending billions of dollars on its final release on January 30, 2007, its official launch began around the world. In terms of graphics and appearance, the operating system was revolutionary in Microsoft's other operating systems, which fascinated Windows users. The Microsoft Windows Vista operating system includes seven different versions with a brief explanation.
- Vista Starter Edition:
This version of the Vista operating system is for specific markets such as developing countries. The Vista Starter Edition is less tangible than other versions. Its features are quite limited, for example, it's only possible to run three concurrent programs on this operating system.
- Vista Premium Vista Edition Vista:
The full version is Windows Vista, which also has Media Center feature.
- Vista Professional Edition:
The professional version of this operating system is high-end.
- Vista Small Business Edition:
You have some Microsoft shared services.
- Vista Enterprise Edition:
For IT managers, with Virtual PC and complete encryption.
- Vista Ultimate Edition:
The most complete version of Microsoft Windows Vista. This version is the best operating system for personal computers. Among its features, it is possible to optimize its performance for various users. This version is a powerful integration of the full version of the Premium Vista Edition and the Professional Edition, so it will have all the capabilities of both home and advanced versions. In addition, there are special tools for making Podcast, as well as new features for Game. An online service called Club is also included. This feature gives users access to music and videos.

 Some of Windows Vista's new features include:
- Amazing graphic representation called Aero
- Having a powerful internal search engine and a new management system
- Increased Windows security without the need to install any virus finder
- Internet Explorer 7.0
- Version 11 of Windows Media Player
- The backup system of important files is fully automated
- Voice recognition user audio
- Advanced settings for communicating with the Internet
- Ability to identify more than 90% of existing hardware
- Windows Auto Update
- Parental control over the use of children from the Internet
Some New Vista Features:
- The start menu is integrated and the tree structure is found, and you can go forward and back between menus.
- Windows Browser is very functional and easy to navigate between files and folders.
- Windows is equipped with an internal search engine that can be searched at high speed and can be used everywhere.
Window Aero Window Frames Awesome effect on windows
- By placing the mouse on the title of the windows in TaskBar, you can preview the contents of that window and find the window you want faster.
- Ability to move between windows using the Alt + Tab key along with the preview of the content of each window has become more complete
- The new Flip 3D feature with WinKey + Tab allows you to navigate three-dimensionally between windows and view the contents of each window while moving.
- Windows Sidebar has small and functional gadgets that provide you with plenty of features. Clock, Phonebook, Notepad, Photo Viewer, News Feed, CPU and RAM display, weather, stock index, etc.
- Internet Explorer Explorer 7 comes with the new Tab Browsing feature installed with Windows Vista and makes surfing the Internet enjoyable.
Version 10 DirectX software is also installed with Windows Vista that helps you run new games and bulk graphics processing.
- In the face of dangerous attacks of malicious files and viral attacks by the powerful Windows Defender software, which has an automatic update and many other features and is considered to be the best anti-virus software available, comes with Windows Vista.