Microsoft Office is the most powerful suite of software applications that can be used to perform various types of administrative tasks, such as typing. Microsoft Office consists of a suite of integrated software applications, each of which is widely used. Today, having this suite is considered a software requirement and more than 1 billion users in the world use this collection every day.
The new version of Microsoft Office 2016 has recently been released and added a lot of features; a widespread change has been made in this version, including the support of the Microsoft Office Online Network , the new search tool for various commands and the multi-authoring system. Microsoft Office Online.
Key Features of the Microsoft Office 2016 Collection:
- Integrate the Microsoft Online cloud system and get online access to all documents
- Word processing capabilities
- Sharing reports
- Manage emails
- Beautiful projects and slideshows
- Collecting and managing information and data and increasing trade
- Increase business capabilities
- A search tool for various commands in the software
- Supports multi-authoring system Microsoft Online to edit a document by two people at a time
- Ability to receive various information about the subject of the article
- Added new charts, charts and tables to Excel
- Automatically and continuously backup various documents in the software and save them online
- Data Loss Prevention and prevent sudden data loss in abnormal conditions

But what's the difference between the Microsoft Office bundle and other similar software?
Other features of Microsoft Office 2016 include Insights, which gives the user the ability to get information about the issue of writing in various software applications, access to various content from the Internet, and charts. New has been added to Excel and its graphing capabilities have been improved.
The most important feature of Microsoft Office 2016, called Data Loss Prevention is to provide a continuous backup of various documents in any way, with the contents written in advance and ongoing projects, are not suddenly lost, even if the power supply is cut off Or the system is seriously disrupted.
The appearance of Microsoft Office 2016 has not changed much, and to a great extent its environment is similar to the 2013 version, smooth design of windows and matte colors are still preserved and more focused on the user's convenience and working with the software.