The CorelDRAW Technical Suite is a handy and reliable tool for those who want to offer their products in a powerful way and provide their service provider with a clear and clear view. This work is done through the diagrams and technical descriptions of the software . Product Operation Guide, Catalog, Wiring Diagrams, Assemblies and more ... It is possible with the software as soon as possible to organize any size and build powerful technical graphics .
CorelDRAW Technical Suite The CorelDraw Technical Suite is one of the most complete software collections that can answer almost all the demands of a professional user in the field of two dimensional and three-dimensional design, drawing graphic charts and graphs. Interestingly, there is also the Import feature of a variety of other software design and drawing tools for this software. Of course, this feature is added to this version. Mechanical design, fluid fluid mechanics to the most professional form, with the hundreds of features featured in this bundle, does not leave any doubt about the use of existing tools. Interestingly, this software package is less relevant than similar software that can only do specific work in one field, which is surely important for professionals.

What's included
- Corel DESIGNER® X6 - Precision Illustration and Technical Design Software
- CorelDRAW® X6 - creative vector illustration and page-layout application
- Corel® PHOTO-PAINT ™ X6 - easy-to-use, professional image-editing application
- Corel® PowerTRACE® X6 - A fast, accurate bitmap-to-vector conversion tool
- Corel® CAPTURE® X6 - one-click screen capture utility
- Corel® CONNECT ™ - a full-screen browser for searching digital content from your computer, network, external storage device, or online sources
- Corel® Website Creator ™ X6 * - build websites, design web pages and manage web content
- XVL Studio 3D Corel Edition - 3D visualization authoring software
- XVL Player - 3D embedding and viewing component
- Microsoft® Visual Studio® Tools for Applications (VSTA) and Microsoft Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) - powerful automation tools
- PhotoZoom Pro 2 ** - photo enlarger plug-in for Corel PHOTO-PAINT

Key features of the Corel DESIGNER Technical Suite software:
- User-friendly interface for all software
- Appropriate size relative to the bundle capabilities
- Mac import from other software
- Supports most formats in various fields
- Performing electronic design
- Drawing in two-dimensional and three-dimensional form
- Mechanical design
- Ability to design a variety of diagrams, diagrams, graphic charts and ...
- Supports RAW format
- There are 5 complete software in design
- Interactive tutorials
- And ... 

Installation guide

Use the tips in the Read Me.txt file to install the software.





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