Windows.Movie.Maker.v6.0.for.Windows 7 & 8-8.1

One of the most significant changes in Windows 7 over Windows XP is the lack of software that could, in many cases, respond to the needs of beginner users. Windows Movie Maker is a tool that was found in various versions of Windows, but in Windows 7, this software was somehow inaccessible. Many users of this software used simple editing and even making compact discs for their images and By providing the final version of Windows 7, many users may still expect this software to be simple but efficient. Normally, this software will not be found in Windows 7, but a new version of Windows Movie Maker for Windows 7 has just been released that is simply installed and executed and can be used with all previous features of this software.
This software, which is specially for Windows 7, is able to use the same capabilities as before and split large movies into a few small parts, or to create a beautiful digital album by putting together pictures and music. .
The same UI in previous versions of this software, which is ready for Windows 7, has been repeated, but you can see some small changes. Windows 7 users who use this software and now want to use it can receive it and easily install it after installation.

Key features of Windows Movie Maker software:
- Ease of use of the software
- Identify and support various audio, video and photo formats
- Ability to create digital albums of images
- Possibility to split up movies
- There are dozens of designs ready
- There are various effects for rotating and moving images
- Ability to coordinate images with a music depending on the time
- Full compatibility with Windows 7


Windows 7

Windows 8-8.1