The new software that we are going to bring to you from the Adobe Software Suite in this article is not just a powerful Adobe Flash Professional software, which, of course, is not the most powerful Flash software in two-dimensional format, surely one Is one of the most powerful in this field. Of course, this handy tool is also available in 3D designs, but may not be as large as two-dimensional hands of the user for designs.
Script-based design that supports the XML version of the CS6 version and the possibility of scripting on this base is the most important feature in addition to the graphics and multimedia design in this tool. Perhaps the most important difference between Adobe Flash and Autodesk 3D Max is the more maneuverable with scripting, which completely unmasks the user's hand in the design with a flash, and, to a large extent, does work on the movements and commands It's easier. The new version, which has just been introduced, has a lot more speed in image processing and losing than the previous ones, and this is due to optimizations only. The base of the Adobe Flash software is based on Objects. One of the success factors of this software is the same. The ability to create two-dimensional and three-dimensional arrows, and the need to build three coordinates on the page. Namely, X, Y and Z have made the professional users build their own work based on this software.
Compatibility with a variety of formats to use a variety of objects in designs is a feature that allows the designer to use a variety of sounds, photos, shapes, or any other item in the design. The super professional professional interface that Adobe Flash Professional has made professional designers make their first choice of this software; not only do designers but across the globe flash as one of the standard software for designing animations. In Iran, this program is taught in many textbooks at various educational levels.
The ability to optimize the images or sounds in a flash file for use on the web, which is reduced by optimizing the output file size, is one of the cool features of the software. Designs in this tool are implemented not only for use on the Local but also for use in various parts of the Internet world; professional users can put together images, music, links, shapes and more. Create a completely flash site so that the viewer is completely surprised to watch it. The design of a variety of internet advertising, which is nowadays very common, can be designed professionally in this tool. Users can easily edit, create, or increase their animations made by their hands and minds, and rotate them and apply different types of filters and effects. The most important point about this masterpiece is that this Adobe Flash can help beginner users and can also be a very powerful assistant for professionals.
But there are also new features included in this release, including the ability to professionally manage the text included in flash, compatibility and the ability to design an XML-based FLV format that will surely be very popular, a more professional editing of the script. Action Script, better compatibility with other software in the Creative Suite, the most professional effects for two-dimensional and three-dimensional design, and many other things that can only be felt when working with this tool. Adobe Flash Professional is now up and running with Adobe Premier Edition to give professional users and designers the ultimate in their art and tastes in two-dimensional and three-dimensional designs; users can get this version Get easy downloading servers and take advantage of the ultimate professional features after installing it.

Key features of Adobe Flash Professional:
- A very simple environment for design work
- Design in two-dimensional and three-dimensional modes
- The base of the software is based on the Object Base
- Full compatibility with other Adobe software such as Adobe Photoshop
- Support for Action Script 3 completely
- A very powerful translator for written codes
- Very complete coding environment
- The ability to build flash drives on phones like Nokia
- Very user-friendly and user-friendly and also changed in the new version
- Save when creating flash files due to different tools that greatly reduce coding.
- Supports common FLV and SWF formats
- Suitable for both beginners and professionals
- Compatibility with the new Adobe software, Adobe Air
- XFL support that enables the user to immerse the contents of software such as IndDesign or After Effects into Flash.
- Supports various versions of Windows including popular Windows 7
- And ...