Dr.Fone Toolkit Windows/Mac

 Dr.Fone Toolkit for android and ios

 Dr.Fone  is an application from a reputable Wondershare company that can retrieve all deleted data in your Android operating system. It also has the ability to recover various information such as deleted images and videos, sms, contacts list, notes and even calendars. How it works is simple, connect your Android tablet or smartphone to your computer and in three steps you can view any of your deleted files and if you wish to Restore your Android device.

 Dr.Fone software also allows you to retrieve other information from your Android system that has been deliberately or accidentally deleted. These include the ability to retrieve files such as: contacts with their details, call history, and even phone browser bookmarks or your Android tablet. You can also save a complete list of all HTML activities at the end of the software.

Wondershare Dr.Fone for Android Software Features:
- Ability to retrieve deleted phone numbers from phonebook
- Ability to recover lost messages
- Ability to recover images in different formats
- Ability to recover deleted videos
- Ability to recover deleted music
- Ability to retrieve Watts App contents
- Recover text files
Support files:
- Contacts
- Message
- Photo
- Video
- Audio
- Document
- WhatsApp History






Type this text as password: soft98.ir

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