Capture One Pro is a complex program with professional tools designed for image editing. Capture One PRO is a RAW workflow software designed for professional photographers.
Capture One allows you to load RAW files from the most commonly used DSLR cameras or shoot tethered to your computer. The intuitive Capture One RAW workflow guides you through image capture, editing and enhancement in a few simple steps and converts your RAW files to TIFF-RGB, TIFF-CMYK or JPEG images on-the-fly.
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required system

Microsoft Windows minimum requirements
- CPU with 2 cores or better
- 8 GB of RAM
- 10 GB of free hard disk space
- Color calibrated monitor with 1280x800, 24-bit resolution at 96dpi screen rule
- Windows 7 SP1 64-bit, Windows 8 64-bit, Windows 10® 64-bit
- Microsoft .NET Framework version 4.7.1 (will be installed if not present)

Installation guide

1. Disconnect the system from the Internet.
2. Install the software.

3. Run the Keygen.exe file from the Keygen folder. Keygen runs in cmd environment.
3-1- For the Pro version, press the 0 key and press the Enter key.
3.2 A license code is created for you.

4. Run the software.
4-1. Select the Pro version
4-2- Click Activate.
In the opened window, enter the manual activation tab, and at the top of the window enter the amount of license code you receive from Keygen.
4-4 In the manual activation tab, copy the amount that is generated for the Registration Key in Keygen and hit Enter Keyboard.
4-5. The gadget generates the activation code, which must be entered in the relevant section in the software activation window and finish the activation process by clicking Activate ---> Done.

5. Run the Block-Hosts.bat file.
6. You can establish a system connection to the Internet.


Capture One Pro + Keygen