Lynda Illustrator CC Tutorial Series

You can accomplish a wide variety of design tasks with Adobe Illustrator. This course focuses on core concepts and techniques you can apply to workflows for print, the web, and many other destinations.

First, author Justin Seeley explains the basic elements that make vector graphics-paths, strokes, and fills-and shows how to use each of the program's powerful drawing tools. Then he shows how to create documents and liven up a project with color, plus build complex shapes from simple paths and trace bitmap images and line art. The course also explores the benefits of using layers and symbols, and shows how to edit text, draw in perspective, and much more. The final chapter explains how to output your work in multiple formats and use Illustrator files in Photoshop and InDesign.

Illustrator CC Essential Training


Illustrator: 2014 CC Updates June, 2014

Adobe Illustrator Variable Data



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